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All images from the collection will be freely available.  Any donations or profits from purchases will go back into ensuring the accessibility and longevity of the collection.

If you are interested in helping or have something you would like to donate please contact us using our contact page.

LeydenHistory.org is the digital home of the Leyden Historical Commissions historical collection.  Thanks to a generous grant from the Leyden Cultural Council, Thomas Foster has been working to catalog and digitize the holdings of the Leyden Historical Commission.

Digital collections can add a lot of value to a collection. Digital copies allow artifacts to be examined without wear and tear associated with handling delicate artifacts. Digital collections can be widely shared which increases the reach of an artifact.  Through web forms, information can be solicited and gathered on artifacts in the collection when the history or content of that item is unknown.

Thomas Foster is the Leyden Historical Commission Secretary.  Originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, he and his wife moved to Leyden in 2010.  Thomas received his Bachelors of Arts with a concentration in Historiography and Technology.


Visit the Town of Leyden website: www.townofleyden.com